• Stomach ulcers are mostly caused by the bacteria. Helicobacter pylori.
• n chromosome is the name given to royal jelly produced by nurse bees for queen cells that have drone larvae grafted into them

•Bees can sense that the larvae is drone rather than worker and therefore some feed royal jelly and some feed worker jelly
• This combination has a special effect on the treatment of stomach ulcers and many other metabolic diseases

Production on n chromosome royal jelly

• n chromosome royal jelly production is totally on pollen consumption by bees
• Caspian Solution enables bees to consume extraordinary levels of pollen therefore producing extraordinary levels of n chromosome royal jelly

Common Dosage

• One teaspoon of n chromosome royal jelly mixed with ten teaspoons of natural juice
• Drink slowly so that it gets absorbed with the enzymes in the mouth
• Consume on an empty stomach
• Consume ever 8-10 hours
• A double dosage is not recommended because the heart may start to pump very fast

• One teaspoon royal jelly, one teaspoon pollen, one teaspoon honey, and mix with 100 mL water
• Drink slowly once in the morning and once in the evening on an empty stomach


• 811 ulcer patients have been encountered who have had their ulcer anywhere from one year to 30 years
• A majority of them had endoscopy tests and reported pain and difficulty consuming fruits and vegetables
• Over 90% of ulcer patients have been cured in 2-7 days. The other 10% have been cured in 10 to 28 days

• People with ulcers get into a habit of eating more food after being treated. This is because their bodies were malnourished previously from not being able to eat a variety of foods
• After one week of consuming n chromosome royal jelly, the body becomes balanced again

•  For the 70% of patients still in contact with, none of them have reported ulcer reappearance in the last 12 years
• Some beneficial side effects of n chromosome royal jelly that patients have reported are that of an increased libido and energy levels

• When people are sick or have a high level of infection in their body, they cannot eat a lot but they still need nutrients. Tests show that the body plasma increases quickly in such a short time with royal jelly


• The main idea of this presentation is to highlight how bee products can be used in many natural therapies
• Bee venom and n chromosome royal jelly both increase blood plasma levels and n chromosome royal jelly helps treat ulcers

• n chromosome royal jelly is easy to consume because it does not have as acidic of a taste as full chromosome royal jelly

Other uses for n chromosome royal jelly

• n chromosome royal jelly can be used in face creams, shampoos, body washes, hair gels and many other cosmetics
• Hair needs to absorb lots of proteins. n chromosome royal jelly can help repair hair and replenish nutrients

• People who lose hair and use n chromosome royal jelly have their hair loss 90% reduced after 2 applications
• Increases libido. Over 99% of patients consuming n chromosome royal jelly reported an increase in sexual function, leading to harmony in their relationship

• Has proved effective treatment for iron and calcium deficiency
• Has great potential in a wide variety of applications not yet explored
• Maggot therapy

Maggot therapy and n chromosome royal jelly

The introduction of live maggots to a non-healing wound in order to eat the necrotic flesh that will never heal
• Saves amputations
• Dr Abbas Mirabadeh
• Dr Morteza Jahnesari
• Hossein Yeganehrad

Maggot therapy and n chromosome royal jelly

•n chromosome royal jelly speeds up the maggot therapy process
• Boosts the bodies immunity to fight infections
• Over 75% of patients having early stage infections have been cured with n chromosome royal jelly and other bee products with zero antibiotic use


• n chromosome royal jelly is a remarkable product and has many applications across a wide range of human and animal industries
• Has proved 100% effective in the treatment of stomach ulcers

• n chromosome royal jelly plays a pivotal role in speeding up maggot therapy
• Caspian Solution is a key ingredient in the production of n chromosome royal jelly


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