Our experienced team

Science and research department

 1-Hossein Yeganeh Rad 

Science and research department

2-Dr. Hadi Kiadliri

PhD in forest protection

Science and research department


3-Dr. Farzaneh Yeganeh Rad

PhD in Public Administration

Science and research department

4-Dr. Elham Fallah

PhD in English Language Teaching

Science and research department


5-Sahar Ghanbari

Science and research department

6-Pegah Azari

Science and research department

7-Amir Sharbatir

Science and research department

Board of physicians

1-Dr. Leila Hashemi Chalavi

General Practitioner and Doctor of Traditional Medicine

Board of physicians

2-Dr. Reza Mohsenifard 

PhD in Dentistry

Board of physicians

3-Dr. Kamran Golchin

General Practitioner
Board of physicians

4-Dr.Mahsa Razavi 

PhD in Veterinary Medicine

Board of physicians

5-Dr. Hamid Reza Ghanbari

Ophthalmology Resident

Board of physicians


6-Dr. Mehdi Horang

PhD in Pharmacy, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences 

Board of physicians

7-Mehran Mohammadi

Expert in Medical Laboratory Sciences

Board of physicians

8-Bahman Ishaqi

Master of Drug Chemistry

Board of physicians


Board of beekeepers

1- Abolghasem Afrasi

Board of beekeepers

2-Mackenzie Nielson

Board of beekeepers

3-Amir Sharbati

Board of beekeepers

Board of natural therapists

1-Behrooz Karimi

Board of natural therapists

Introducing members


Board of managers:

Hossein Yeganeh Rad( Head of the company)

1.Founder and board member of Canada Apitherapy Society
2. Founder of Caspian Apiaries and Vancouver Honey in Vancouver, Canada
3. Board member of American Apitherapy Society 2013-2019
4. Representative of American Apitherapy Society in Apimondia
5.Commercial beekeepingv perator in Iran, Canada and America
6.Solo producer of N- Chromosome, Royal Jelly and Queen Cell Wax

Dr. Hadi Kia Daliri ( Head of research and scientific department)

1. PhD in Natural Resources Associate Professor, University of Science and Research
2. Has 8 years experience in the field of presidency of the Iranian Forestry Scientific Association
3. Has 5 years experience as the dean of the Faculty of Natural Resources and Agriculture, Tehran University of Science and Research
4. Specializing in forest insects and trees

Dr. Farzaneh Yeganeh Rad

1. PhD in Management, Lecturer and Director of the Department of Management and Accounting, Allameh Hilli Chalous University

2. CEO of Neko Tejarat Ofogh Roshan

3. Chairman of Rad Hoshmatd Raskh

4. Board Member of  Mazandaran Chamber of Commerce

5. Secretary of the Council for the Study of Management Texts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Mazandaran Province, Iran

Dr.Elham Fallah

1. P.hD in English Language Teaching
2. Professor of Islamic Azad University of Chalous since 2011
3. Director and Supervisor of Kish English Language Institute in Nowshahr
4. Head of Website Management, Translation and Collection of Information Related to the Canada Beekeeping Society

Sahar Ghanbari

1. Master of English with experience in managing and translating educational materials in world competitions Expert in writing proposals and English articles Responsible for the production of cosmetics.

Pegah Azari

1. Master of International Law Has 5 years experience in providing products related to beekeeping
2. Collaboration with Mr.Yeganeh Rad in conducting free research on patients
3. Collaboration with Ali Asghar Hospital on Children suffering from cancer and Masih Daneshvari Hospital on Covid 19 disease

Amir Sharbati

1. Holding diploma in mathematics and physics. Active in the field of beekeeping industry. Member of the Board of Beekeepers of Bandar Gaz.

Board of physicians:

DR. Leila Hashemi Chelavi ( Head of physicians’ department)

1.Holding MD degree from Tehran University of Medical Sciences, School of Medical Sciences

2.Experience in Internship at University Hospitals of Tehran , University of Medical Sciences,Tehran,Iran

3. Experience in AMRM(Advanced
Research Management, 6-
Month Program) at
Shahid Beheshti University Of Medical Sciences

4. PhD in Iranian Traditional Medicine, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science

5. Holding permanent Medical License of Iran

6. Holding Tehran Province Practice License
7. Holding first award of Advanced Research Management

8.Member of Medical Council of Iran
9. Member of Iranian Epilepsy
10. Member of ITM physicians


1.Potential diagnostic value of P16 expression in premalignant and malignant cervical lesions
2.”Improving Indices in The Evaluation of Medical Research Centers in Iran”(First Auther)
3. Evoked potential abnormalities in multiple sclerosis: a cross sectional study on 25 patients
4.Prevalence of G6PD deficiency among primary school students in Amol(First Auther)
5.Analysis of HLA DR2&DQ6 (DRB1*1501, DQA1*0102, DQB1*0602) haplotypes Iranian
patients with multiple sclerosis.
6.Evaluation of oxidative stress situation in patients with multiple sclerosis
7.The relation between HLADRB1 and EBV virus in patients with MS
8.Evaluation of imaging findings and their relation with mortality in patient s with CVA, Imam khomeini hospital, Iran,Tehran
9.Potential diagnostic value of P16 expression in premalignant and malignant cervical lesions

Dr. Mahsa Razavi

1. PhD student in veterinary medicine. Activism in the field of epidemiology of parasitic diseases in Mazandaran province, Iran in cooperation with Joybar University Jihad Unit for 2 years Activity in the laboratory of Meeker 7 University and Biology for 3 years. 

Mehran Mohammadi

1. Laboratory Science Expert
2. Quality Assurance Manager of Pars Chalous Laboratory. 23 years of work experience. Professional collaboration with Mr. Hossein Yeganeh Rad since 2013 regarding the effect of bee therapy on dietary supplements and bee products, as well as presenting scientific articles related to bees and related products.

Dr. Kamran Golchin

1. General Practitioner, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Tehran.

Dr. Mehdi Horang

1. PhD in Pharmacy, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences.

Dr. Reza Mohsenifard

1. Dentist. Graduated from Mashhad National University. Work place: Clarabad, Mazandaran Province, Iran.

Dr. Faeqeh Salehnia

1. General PhD student in Pharmacy, Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Winner of the first prize in the field of economics and pharmaceutical management in the 21st seminar of Iranian pharmacy students. Planning and implementation of health campaigns under the supervision of the University of Tehran and the Center for Talent Development.

Dr. Sheida Hosseini

1. Professional Doctor of Pharmacy from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences. Master of Management Student from the University of West Vancouver, Canada. Founder and manager of Rahgozar Charity Clinic Pharmacy in Lar, Fars, Iran.

Board of beekeepers:

Abolghasem Afrasi

* Duration of beekeeping: 22 years
* Duration of bee therapy: 6 years

Some of his beekeeping activities are as follows:

1. Elimination of cancerous mass in the stomach in a 35-year-old woman
2. Controlling more than 20 cases of severe infections and stomach ulcers
3. Preventing the amputation of platinum-infected foot
4. Controlling more than 200 cases of infertility problems that have been caused by a woman or a man
5. Controlling several cases of bed sores that healed completely
6. Controlling Diabetic wound with the help of bee therapy which prevented the amputation of other toes

Mackenzie Nielsen

1. He is the founder of Jive Bee Products, Rossy Bees, and the Worldwide bee Organization. From a young age, Mackenzie’s purpose was to make the world a better place. It is for this reason that Mackenzie was guided towards beekeeping, as no other creature on the planet can have such a profound impact on the global food supply. The first moment that he ever looked into a hive, he fell in love. Upon discovering that he was immune to bee venom, he knew that he was to follow this path in life. It was always meant to be. Fuelled by passion, Mackenzie shifted all of his attention to focus on what matters most: the preservation of this beautiful species. Even in times of mass colony collapse across Canada, his commercial honey bee farm, Rosy Bees, has continued to grow and prosper.
After several years of experience working in commercial beekeeping, Mackenzie now spends his time educating a new age of beekeepers modern techniques on how to ensure healthy prosperity for their colonies through his non- profit, the worldwide bee organization. You can find his wide range of bee products at Jivebees.com.

Amir Sharbati

1. Holding diploma in mathematics and physics. Active in the field of beekeeping industry. Member of the Board of Beekeepers of Bandar Gaz.

Board of Natural therapists:

Behrooz Karimi (Head of Natural Therapists)

1. Retired Secretary of Education in Bandar Gaz in Khorasan Razavi province. Collaboration with Professor Hossein Yeganeh Rad for 8 years in the field of treatment of skin diseases, psoriasis, diabetes and prostate and obtaining very favorable results in this field.