Vancouver Honey is licensed by Caspian Apiaries. In fact, Caspian Apiaries serves as a data base integrating some other subordinate companies such as Honeybelle, Canada Apitherapy Society and V. honey.
Vancouver Honey specializes in the following areas:

  • Production of mineral honey which is a unique product of Vancouver Honey
  • Production of honey bee
  • Queen inoculation, queen production, queen introduction, queen mating and requeening
  • Biological control of bee diseases
  • Wax production
  • Pollination
  • Bee keeping training services
  • General beekeeping in Canada, Mexico, the U.S and Iran
  • Commercial beekeeping
  • Implementing research on bee products
  • Working in specific geographical areas in Canada
  • Developing pharmaceutical products such as royal jelly, N-chromosome royal jelly, bee venom, propolis, queen cell wax, pollen,pheromones and so on
  • Developing cosmetics such as moisturizer cream, lip balm, bee venom cream, sunburnt cream, body wash, hair gel and so on