Another bee product is pollen, which has great nutritional value and has been named as the only complete food.

This is how the outstanding and executive work of athletes is due to eating pollen and eating this miraculous food.

Pollen grains are small, male gametes of pollen sacs are formed in flowering plants and grow inside the flower tubes, which are often long in flowers. The value of pollen is important as a supplement or medicine that promotes better absorption and availability of nutrients.

The pollen collected by bees and used in various foods or oral medicines is undoubtedly the same pollen and seeds of flowers.

Pollen, like other protein foods, loses its nutritional value quickly; Of course, if stored incorrectly. The quality of freshly stored pollen at room temperature is usually lost within a few days. Freshly stored pollen in the freezer loses its nutritional value after a month.

Healing properties of pollen
Effective regulation of intestinal function
Elimination of fat from the body
Weight control
Constipation treatment
Calms the nerves
Control blood cholesterol levels
Eliminate anemia
Allergy treatment
Health and beauty with pollen
Treatment of prostatitis
Prevent the growth of harmful bacteria
Treatment of liver diseases
Treatment of infertility problems
Treatment of skin diseases

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